Redmond Farmers Market

It’s not the Pike Place, but this open-air market tucked conveniently next to Redmond Town Center can certainly hold its own.  Operating as the Eastside’s largest Farmers Market, this ensemble of local vendors offers everything from homemade pies to hand crafted jewelry.  Each Saturday highlights a different theme, ranging from Pet Parades and Cowboy Days to the ever-popular zucchini car races.  Other perks include storytimes and musical guests as well as the much-loved Redmond Traveling Library Center.  Check out their calendar for upcoming events.


6 thoughts on “Redmond Farmers Market

    • I should have bought one but I didn’t. They all looked so great though…and packaged so nicely. I read your post about A La Mode… I’ve wanted to check that place out for awhile! Did not know they offered baking classes…a big plus 🙂 If you are in Ballard you should check out Hot Cakes… among other stuff they serve delicious chocolate molton cakes… one of my favorites! I mentioned the “cakery” in my post about Seattle Sunsets. Thanks for pooping by my little space on the web 🙂

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