Served Soft

Fall is on the horizon.  School has begun, the nights are getting cooler and Halloween costumes have made their appearance at Costco.  Savor these last days of summer with some cool treats.  I checked out some of Seattle’s best frozen yogurt and custard spots.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s has taken the fro-yo culture by storm.  It’s got great branding, clean and inviting shops, and a simple mission statement:  “We make you smile.”  But most importantly, Menchie’s has delicious soft serve yogurt.  There are at least 12 flavors available at all times, with rotating choices every day. Pick from exotic tastes like Taro and Thai iced tea, sweet choices like Snickerdoodle and Cake Batter Mix, and the standard Original Tart.  Toppings will satisfy any craving, from classic sprinkles and fresh strawberries to chocolate rocks and fruity pebbles.  It’s all self-serve, so you’re free to create your own concoction.  The best part?  Rather than cup size, Menchie’s charges by weight, and that’s a much better deal.  An average serving of one (or two or three) flavors plus a generous amount of toppings will usually run you between $2 and $3.  And in my frugal opinion, for what you get, it’s a steal!  Check out Menchie’s website for flavors and locations!

Peaks Frozen Custard

Peaks brings us the timeless tradition of frozen custard straight from the Midwest.  The family-owned business found its home in Ravenna and has been making this delectable treat since 2009.   The creamy custard is fresh; made every two hours or less, so the daily flavor choices are small (Vanilla, Chocolate, and the flavor of the day), but the taste is huge.  Grab a Flavor Calendar to plan your next visit.  Pear Perfect, Chocolate Basil and Strawberry Lemonade are just a few of the many choices Peaks offers.  Custard cakes and espresso are available as well.  The service is friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and rustic; the stone fireplace and comfy leather couches feel like a mountain lodge.  Best of all, there’s a corner devoted to kids, with plenty o’ toys and books.  The sundae creations are praise-worthy.  We devoured the Mt. Peanut Better:  vanilla custard, house made brownies, peaks of fudge sauce and peanut butter chunks, topped with whipped cream and a cherry and served in a waffle cone. Yum!

Cherry de Pon

Another self-serve yogurt bar has popped up in Kirkland’s Juanita neighborhood, and it’s a good one!  Cherry de Pon serves up to 12 flavors at a time on a rotating basis, with toppings galore.  Coconut, Thin Mint, Key Lime and Maple Walnut are some my personal favorites.   My 3-year-old sticks with Chocolate.  Like Menchie’s, yogurt is sold by weight, and at 39 cents/oz, it’s pretty much a steal.  My son and I each enjoyed more-than-decent sized servings of yogurt (toppings, of course!) for under $4.  Cherry de Pon also has an impressive smoothie menu as well as bubble tea.  The place is modern and clean, with a small selection of toys and games for little ones.

So there you have it!  Get out and get some!  And enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Served Soft

  1. i’ve been wanting to try menchie’s for awhile, but can never seem to make it to queen anne. looking forward to them opening their bellevue location!

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