Locks, Fish and Boats, Oh My!

Lucky Graham got to spend the afternoon at the Ballard Locks with his grandparents.  Quintessentially Seattle, the officially named Hiram M. Chittenden Locks are home to blooming botanical gardens, lush hills perfect for rolling down, and all kinds of boats.  The grounds are perfect for picnicking when weather permits.

It’s fun for kids to watch the water rise and lower as everything from little tug boats to massive fishing trawlers travel through the locks.  Make sure to check out the fish ladder, where salmon travel upstream to Lake Washington.  Under the water level there’s a fish viewing room where kids can get a closer look into the lives of salmon as they pass between fresh and salt water.  September offers the best salmon viewing:  check out more info here.

After Graham got his fill of boats for the day, Grandpa and Nana treated him to fish ‘n chips at the Red Mill Totem House, just across the street from the locks.  Red Mill Burgers took over the lease of the Ballard landmark Totem House last year.  Keeping with tradition, the new owners have added fish ‘n chips to the menu.


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