All About the Farm {ideas in 3’s}

In regards to my new twist idea featuring “theme days,” I hope you enjoy…

All About the Farm!

Place: Kelsey Creek Farm

The whitewashed farm is striking against the early October sky.

Not far from the trendy restaurants and chic shopping of downtown Bellevue, you can find a 1930’s working farm; the white clapboard barns, open pastures and distant chatter of farm animals set a scene more fitting for the English countryside or middle America than a suburb of Seattle.  Kelsey Creek Farm, part of the 150 acres of forest and wetland belonging to Kelsey Creek Park, offers families a truly unique experience.

Stop by year-round to visit ponies, cows, sheep and lots of other farm animals.  Picnic tables and a picnic shelter are open every day from dawn to dusk, so if the weather stays as nice as it’s been lately, pack a lunch and dine farmer-style.  
Take a stroll along the trail that loops around the farm, through pastures and light woods.  Birthday parties, pony care classes and other recreational and educational activities are offered throughout the year.

View from the pastures.

The trails loop back towards the farm.

Craft: Farm Animal á la Paper Plate

I found tons of cute farm craft ideas, but I chose this one for its simplicity (courtesy of Living on a Latte).

  • Paper plates (2 sizes)
  • construction paper
  • “googly” eyes
  • glue
  • a touch of paint

…and, ta-da!  You’ve got yourself a frame-worthy cow (or pig, sheep, horse, etc)!  Depending on which animals you choose, just add cotton balls (sheep), yarn (horse), and anything else you have around the house.



Snack: Cow Print Rice Krispy Treats

It’s a barnyard twist on a classic favorite!  Follow the rice krispy treat recipe, then dip the cut squares in melted white chocolate.  Next, dip a knife into melted milk chocolate and carefully make cow spots over the white chocolate.  Let the chocolate harden, then enjoy!

Photo from

There you have it… A Day at the Farm!



3 thoughts on “All About the Farm {ideas in 3’s}

  1. Did you take the photos? They are beautiful! I used to take my daughter to Kelsey Creek at least once a week when we lived in Redmond. 🙂

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