Get Adventurous this Weekend with NWF’s Hike and Seek

Inspire your children (and yourselves!) to get outdoors and enjoy the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle…  Get ready to Hike and Seek!

The National Wildlife Federation is hosting their popular Hike and Seek fundraising event in the Pacific Northwest.  Hike and Seek is part of NWF’s Be Out There movement and, with statistics showing how kids in the U.S. today are spending half as much time outdoors as they were 20 years ago, this nationwide, nature-inspired event aims to get more children to give their “screen time” a rest and get outside, get dirty and get adventurous!

Gear up for a morning full of outdoor discovery in Seattle’s beautiful Seward Park.  Hike along an easy 2-mile trail where kiddos can adventure at their own pace.  Each participant will be provided with a Map & Mission Guidebook that includes a scavenger-hunt check list and a map of the various activity stations along the way.  Each Stop & Study station is hosted by a volunteer naturalist who will prompt kiddos to take part in activities and interactive learning.  Make a bug box at the Insect Station, hunt for turtle eggs at the Reptile Station, and lots more!  At Base Camp, listen to naturalists speak about wild animals and birds of prey, check out live animal displays and get your photo taken with Ranger Rick Racoon.

Hike beautiful trails.

As a bonus, REI will be hosting their PEAK Maze, an interactive program in which young adventurers will learn the importance of responsible outdoor recreation.  So what’s left to say?  Get up, get out there and have some fun!  Register here.

Saturday, October 13th / 9am-noon

Seward Park

For children of all ages (geared especially towards toddlers to age 10)

Trail is stroller-friendly

$7 for kids 17 and under  /  $12 for 18 and older*

*Prices quoted are for online registration.  Day-of prices are $9/$15


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