Buggin’ Out for Clean Water

This morning we visited the Brightwater Center in Woodinville.  We came mainly for the Buggin’ Out activity, but we left the water treatment plant with a whole new respect for how much impact we have on our water resources and the environment.

The Environmental Education and Community Center was designed to educate both young and old on clean water — how we get clean water and how we can continue to get clean water — through exhibits, tours and hands-on learning activities.

The Brightwater Center has teamed up with the non-profit organization, IslandWood, to offer programs for local schools, summer camps and kiddos like my 3-year-old son.  He L-O-V-E-D today’s activity:  Buggin’ Out.

Catching bugs from the pond.

Proud of his findings.

After catching bugs from the pond, we took them back to the Center to have a closer look under magnifying glasses.  The volunteers were fun and knowledgeable (one of the gals donned a lady-bug cape).  The scientists are able to determine how clean the water is from the bugs that inhabit the ponds.

Little Entomologist.

70 acres of wildlife habitat surround the Brightwater Center, and are open to the public.  Three miles of walking trails wind through the forest and wetlands, boasting some great overlooks and plenty of picnic spots.

…And to end our morning; an art project.

Busy making a bug mask and bug goggles.

Thank you, Brightwater Center!  We will be returning!


7 thoughts on “Buggin’ Out for Clean Water

  1. Wow! My boy is not so little anymore, but he would have loved that activity! We caught bugs together for years. So cool to look at them under a microscope – we never did that!

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