Kirkland’s Sweet Cakes is a Sweet Treat

This morning I promised my son a treat after I picked him up from preschool.  (Yes, there has been some bribery at times to get him from the house to the car to his cute little preschool on time and, better yet, with little or no tears.  He’s still new at this, and so am I).  So, as promised, we took a little stroll along Kirkland’s charming Park Lane, stopping in at Sweet Cakes for the much-awaited cookie.  

Sweet Cakes specializes in, well, sweet cakes.  From delectable cupcakes (red velvet, triple chocolate, salted caramel and snickerdoodle, among others) to cookies, dessert bars and more (they also offer gluten-free and vegan goodies).  The shop has been known to do a great birthday cake, and owner Susanne Park’s gorgeous chocolate on chocolate bundt Wedding cake was featured in Seattle Met.  Park chooses not to advertise, so word (or “taste” of mouth, as she refers to it) is how this yummy shop gains new customers.   So if you are ever on the Eastside, take a peek into one of Kirkland’s sweetest places.



2 thoughts on “Kirkland’s Sweet Cakes is a Sweet Treat

  1. Brother, Rob in Chelan told me about your Naniaimo bars, will have to make a day for Kirkland /w my friends to try them out!! You’re cookies look yummy too!! Thanks Denise & JJ for hooking us up to these goodies! LOL

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