Rearranging Photos

I’ve been slowly redecorating our house over the last few months…little touches here and there.  It’s never ceased to amaze me how such a tiny rearrangement of an end table or hanging up a new photo can change a space so spectacularly.  Here are some of my influences:


Coastal Living


**Check out more of my favorite spaces on my Pinterest page.  

I’ve been going through my abundance of photos, and it’s dawned on me that I don’t have enough frames (not including the mismatched, soon-to-be-thrift-store frames I found in the garage).  I also hang my son’s paintings (marvelous for a 3-year-old, I shall say), and I started looking for a way to bridge the gap between framed photographs and artwork.  Alas, Printcopia.  Simply upload your photos, choose a canvas size and, wala!  Framed photos and kid’s artwork flow seamlessly throughout a household.  Stunning, precise, easy.  Check out the assortment of Canvas Prints here.

And now, back to rearranging…


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