All About the Leaves: Fall in Seattle

It’s all about leaves for this post!  If you and your kids haven’t raked, collected, jumped in or explored our Northwest’s beautiful version of Autumn, then get out there and do it!  Big, beautiful leaves in brilliant shades from yellow to sunset red can be seen scattered among city sidewalks and parks almost anywhere throughout Seattle, but here are some of the best places to see Fall!

 Washington Arboretum and Japanese Gardens  

source: Greg Vaughn

Seward Park 

Discovery Park

Lincoln Park

Bellevue Botanical Gardens 

Marymoore Park

Woodland Park Zoo (there’s more than just animals!)

Woodland Park Zoo

After heading home, get out the craft materials and try out these cute, fall inspired leave lanterns:

Perfectly Autumn!

Find directions here:

If you’re still in the mood for leaves, try these colorful, tasty cookies- perfect for a play date!  



Easy recipe here.

Happy Leaf-hunting!


4 thoughts on “All About the Leaves: Fall in Seattle

  1. I have never lived in nor even visited anywhere with fall leaves. That’s why I really enjoy to see beautiful photos of fall – thanks so much for this post!

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