The Art of Advent Calendars

19th Century German Lutherans counted down the days until Christmas by drawing chalk lines on their door; today we mark the days off with chocolate and trinkets.  Any way you choose, it’s all about enjoying the anticipation.  From drugstore calendars to family heirlooms; with religious intentions, or for just plain fun, there’s many ways to celebrate the 24 days leading up to Christmas. 

Google “advent calendar” and you’ll find tons of creative and beautiful calendars.  Traditional and simple; funky and intricate, there’s something for everyone, every space and every budget.

I am drawn to these simplistic designs…


advent cal2





Going from this inspiration, I put together a simple, hang-on-the-wall calendar.  24 mini paper bags and a few pint-sized stockings filled with tiny treats and trinkets for my 3-year-old to open each morning.

advent mine

Happy December!


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