It’s Not Just a Blog Post: Renewed Inspiration for the New Year.

I’ve been suffering from a bit of writer’s block lately.  Partly from being so busy with the holidays and many other family functions and gatherings, but mostly, I have to admit, from lack of inspiration since the Newtown tragedy.  Since that day, it’s been difficult for me to put much effort into writing about holiday happenings, kid-friendly events or rainy day crafts.  In comparison to the magnitude of loss and suffering, I saw any potential post quite unsubstantial and pretty much meaningless.

But as Christmas came and went and we welcomed another new year, it became apparent to me that these small and ordinary posts are actually, in their own way, very much important after all.  Whether they be my own ideas of the best indoor play areas,  another mom’s post on a DIY Pottery Barn play kitchen, or someone else’s best homemade play dough recipe, these are the small, happy and simple moments that we must cherish with our children.  These are the moments in time that will stand out to us, clear as yesterday, as we drop our kids off at college, when we walk them down the aisle on their wedding day, while we hold their own babies.  These are all the sort of moments that we must collect like grains of sand in an hour glass with not enough hours, and imprint on our hearts like homemade play dough. 

skipping rocks 2

So, from the evil that the world witnessed last month, let’s turn our eyes more than ever to the good.  From helping others, which we have already begun to do and see, many of which through the 26 Acts of Kindness; to putting our phones, computers, tablets and i-anythings down for a bit, and devoting 100% of ourselves to the world of our little ones.  Whether it be visiting an indoor play area, making a DIY kitchen, or playing with your homemade play dough.

skipping rocks

And more to come.  Check back for some great kid-friendly volunteering opportunities!