Check Out the Newest, Hottest Spot for Indoor Play!

Seattle families know how to get creative when it comes to indoor play. We understand (and sort of accept) the fact that we may only get a few months of sunny, warm weather throughout the year, having to resort to parkas, umbrellas and rain boots for the remaining nine months. Or we stay inside. There’s no shortage of indoor play spaces in the Rainy City (thank you thank you thank you), but we’ll always welcome a new one with open arms. Wide open arms. Lynnwood’s Playdate Café is the newest play space on the block, and we love it already.

playdate cafe 7 (600x400)

Passionate and driven owner Lizz Quain is serious about play. She’s a parent who knows the importance of engaging in play and how it provides a host of benefits for little ones, from developing imagination, dexterity  and cognitive strength to promoting healthy brain development and confidence. Quain wanted to build on this, and she has hit the mark with Playdate Café.

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